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The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Nis

Cathedral with its architecture and iconostasis have an essential place in Serbian history of art. Construction of the church began in October 18, 1856 and continues until 1872, the church was consecrated after the liberation from the Turks in 1878, the walls of the temple were built in different styles from the Serbo- Byzantine and Islamic period , Renaissance, Baroque and elements of the western architecture. With its beauty the temple occupies an important place in the development of contemporary Serbian architecture and it is a milestone in its the history.
The big church iconostasis has great artistic value and it had been created in 1885, the temple was painted by the great Serbian artist George Krstic.
Unfortunately, in 2001, the church was destroyed in a large fire. Thanks to donations and the efforts of the citizens of Nis, the church was renovated and restored.